Two postdoc positions are available at Bielefeld University, Germany

Yaochu Jin

Dear Colleagues,

Within an Alexander von Humboldt Professorship for AI, two full-time postdoctoral positions for a duration of 3-5 years are available. Ideally, one candidate will work on deep learning for fMRI (automated eloquent cortex localization), and the other on graph neural networks based optimization and learning. Candidates having expertise in other related areas such as privacy-preserving / fairness-aware machine learning and optimization, Bayesian optimization, and artificial life will also be considered.

A PhD in computer science or a related discipline is required. Please contract Prof Yaochu Jin (yaochu.jin@...<mailto:yaochu.jin@...>) for further queries.

Best wishes
Yaochu Jin
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Yaochu Jin, MAE, FIEEE
Alexander von Humboldt Professor for AI
Chair of Nature Inspired Computing and Engineering
Faculty of Technology, Bielefeld University
D-33619 Bielefeld, Germany
Email: yaochu.jin@...<mailto:yaochu.jin@...>
Distinguished Chair, Professor in Computational Intelligence
Department of Computer Science, University of Surrey
Guildford, GU2 7XH, United Kingdom
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