Program of the second workshop on Evolving Collective Behaviors in Robotics (This sunday at GECCO 2017 in Berlin)

Nicolas Bredeche

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## Second workshop on Evolving Collective Behaviors in Robotics
## Workshop at ACM GECCO 2017 - July 15th-19th 2017 - Berlin, Germany

Organizers: Nicolas Bredeche (UPMC), Evert Haasdijk (VUA), Heiko Hamann
(U. Paderborn), Abraham Prieto (U. Coruña)
Web: [1]

## Description ##

This workshop will bring together researchers interested in the
automatic design of coordinated behaviors in decentralized collective
systems, putting the emphasis on evolutionary robotics techniques. The
goal of this workshop is to provide an updated perspective of this
field, both from a theoretical and practical perspective, and to
consider different areas of applicability for such techniques including
design for engineering and modeling for biology.

This workshop encourages collaboration between researchers already
present at GECCO, or in other similar venues such as the Artificial Life
conferences, which are not always present at the same conference. As for
GECCO, this workshop is of particular relevance to participants of the
Complex System track.

- collective and swarm robotics
- social behaviors (cooperation, division of labor)
- embodied evolution
- social learning
- real-world applications

## Where and When ##

July 16th 2017, 14h00-15h50, Andel's by Vienna House Hotel in Berlin,
Directions (and registration): [2]

## Workshop agenda ##

14h00: Introduction
14h05: Keynote talk: Vito Trianni (ICST-CNR, Rome) "Few rules to make
evolution an intelligent design method"
14h45: Spotlight: "Incorporating User Feedback in Embodied Evolution" -
M. Kemeling, E. Haasdijk.
14h57: Spotlight: "Phylogeny of Embodied Evolutionary Robotics" - A.
15h09: Spotlight: "Validation of a Learning and Evolving Robot Swarm" -
R. Munk, E. Hart, B. Paechter.
15h21: Spotlight: "Evolving Robot Swarm Behaviors by Minimizing
Surprise: Results of Simulations in 2-d on a Torus" - R. Borkowski, H.
15h33: Spotlight: "Benefits of Proportionate Selection in Embodied
Evolution: a Case Study with Behavioural Specialization" - N. Bredeche,
J.-M. Montanier, S. Carrignon.
15h45: Closing remarks