Post-Doc position in Computational Intelligence at DIBRIS - Genova (Italy)

Francesco Masulli

A one-year funded Post-Doc position in Computational Intelligence at is available at DIBRIS - University of Genoa, (Italy). The deadline for application is 21 Aug 2017 at 12.00 (Italian time) and the fellowship should start in Dec 2017.

Project title: Unbounded data streams learning: unsupervised methods and their applications.

Research activity: The project addresses the problem of clustering unstructured, non-stationary data streams. Objectives: (1, methodological) Extension of the Graded Possibilistic Clustering method to data streams; (2, methodological) Extension of spectral clustering to streams with complexity control; (3, applicative) Applications to problems in urban traffic forecasting (smart cities), web session analysis, wearable sensors for health monitoring. Existing methods will be adapted to accept incremental updates, and learning will be controlled through appropriate objectives connecting model parameters to measures of fit and of model complexity to allow updates when needed and to the extent needed.

Required qualification: PhD and/or Master in Computer Science, Electronics, Bio-Engineering, Physics, or Mathematics.

We are looking for a self-motivated candidate, interested in the mathematical aspects of her/his research, in the development of new methods for intelligent data analysis, and in technology transfer, and skilled in programming and in thorough experimental data analysis.

Italian and international candidates are invited to send their cv, a letter of motivation, and the name/email-addresses of some referees to Prof. Stefano Rovetta <stefano.rovetta@...> A.S.A.P.