[jobs] Two open positions in collective intelligence, knowledge engineering and machine learning - ISTC-CNR, Rome, Italy

Vito Trianni

Two two-years Research Assistant positions are available at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies, Italian National Research Council, starting as early as February 2023.

The selected candidates will have the opportunity to work on the research track of HACID (http://hacid-project.eu/), which is an is an HORIZON Innovation Action, a collaborative project funded under the Horizon Europe Programme, within the topic "AI, Data and Robotics at work".
HACID develops a novel hybrid collective intelligence for decision support to professionals facing complex open-ended problems, promoting engagement, fairness and trust.
The focus of these fellowships is design and development of knowledge graphs and collective intelligence methods in the context of two application domains: medical diagnostics and decision support for climate change adaptation policies.

The first position concerns the study and development of methods and techniques for knowledge extraction aimed at the creation of ontologies and semantic knowledge graphs to represent and manage data of a heterogeneous nature, incorporating a vast amount of scientific and grey literature. The resulting ontologies and semantic knowledge graphs must enable an ecosystem of services aimed at supporting collective intelligence in the climate service domain.
- Experience in ontology modelling and usage of semantic web technologies;
- Knowledge of machine learning and natural language processing techniques;
- Experience in the use of the required programming languages: Python and/or Java

Notice of selection: https://istc.cnr.it/sites/default/files/vacancies/bandi/notice_of_selection_n.istc-adr-336-2022-rm.docx
Website: https://istc.cnr.it/en/content/assegno-di-ricerca-3362022-metodi-e-soluzioni-di-ingegneria-della-conoscenza-e-machine

The second position concerns the development of methods for the elicitation of knowledge and the aggregation of the opinions of expert users in the face of complex problems in both application domains: medical diagnostics and decision support for climate change adaptation policies. The collective solution to the study case must be obtained through suitable algorithms for aggregating opinions, thanks also to the support of domain knowledge formalised in a semantic knowledge graph. In particular, experimental studies with different treatments will have to be designed to verify under which conditions collective intelligence is achieved.
- Experience in network science and/or usage of semantic web technologies;
- Experience in the design, execution and analysis of behavioural experiments;
- Experience in the use of the required programming languages: Python and/or Java;

Notice of selection: https://istc.cnr.it/sites/default/files/vacancies/bandi/notice_of_selection_n.istc-adr-337-2022-rm.docx
Website: https://istc.cnr.it/en/content/assegno-di-ricerca-3372022-studio-sperimentale-di-metodi-di-aggregazione-delle-opinioni-di

Applications must be sent via email.
Italian applicants must submit their applications through a certified email (Posta Elettronica Certificata – PEC) to the address protocollo.istc@...
Foreign applicants must submit their applications through standard email to the address protocollo.roma@...
For all details about the application process, please check the notice of selection.

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