Juniper Lovato

Hello, Artists, Roboticists, and Researchers with cool visualizations and
cutting-edge art! You are invited to submit your work for consideration in
the 2020 ALIFE conference art exhibition. The art exhibition at ALIFE will
have two themes this year (1) Art in the Science and (2) ALIFE Inspired

"Art in the Science" is all about visualizations resulting from research
that "happen" to have artistic qualities. Submissions to this category can
also include artwork which is based on results from research. The “Art in
the Science” theme seeks unearth the beauty that arises from life, in
addition, we hope this category will provide an opportunity for our
community to engage in concepts including effective communication of ALIFE
ideas and processes to improve public engagement with ALIFE research.

"ALIFE Inspired Art” will look at art inspired by and/or created with
ALIFE. This theme can include artwork investigating the future of ALIFE and
the role of ALIFE in society as well as art which uses ALIFE as a tool (a
paintbrush if you will) in the artistic process.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, ALIFE 2020 is a virtual conference. In
accordance, we are designing an online experience for this year’s virtual
conference gallery. Digital, as well as Two and Three-dimensional physical
art will be considered, but due to the virtual nature of the conference,
only still images and video will be on display.

Artists should be in attendance at ALIFE and submit a short (1/2 to 2-page)
abstract explaining their work. Artists may provide additional contacts
(web site, e-mail, etc.) that they would like to be displayed in the
virtual gallery.

We will have a limited number of art scholarships available, please contact
us for more information.

*Important dates*Deadline for submission of proposals: Deadline for
submission of proposals: July 6, 2020 (artists will be notified on a
rolling basis).

We will be giving awards in "Art in the Science", and “ALIFE Inspired Art”
categories, as well as a people’s choice award.

*Featured Artists*In addition to our contributed art submissions, we will
also feature a selected set of artists in our virtual conference gallery.
To be considered as a featured artist please contact us. Featured artists
will be asked to provide a 5-minute video explaining their work and to
attend a virtual art gallery session during the conference.

*Non-attending artists*Strong submissions from Artists who cannot be in
attendance will be considered, but priority will be given to attendees.
Non-attending artists will not be eligible to receive awards.

Best Regards,

*Juniper L. Lovato*

Director of Partnerships and External Programs

The Vermont Complex Systems Center

The University of Vermont

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