[CfP] Special Issue on "Recent Advances in Swarm Robotics" in Applied Sciences


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CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS - Full manuscript - **December 15, 2020**

*Special Issue on  "Recent Advances in Swarm Robotics"* in Applied Sciences (Q2 - Applied Physics)

Dear colleagues,
given the actual COVID-19 situation,
the Special Issue on "Recent Advances in Swarm Robotics" in Applied Sciences has been *extended to December 15th, 2020*.

Swarm robotics research has been present for some decades, providing nature-inspired algorithms in swarms of robots. During this time, many different algorithms have focused on specific tasks, such as coordination, cooperation, organization, division of lab·or, or task allocation among others. However, not many of those works have addressed the problem of unifying base algorithms that could lay the groundwork of high-level behaviors.

This special issue aims to provide research work on base algorithms for the emergence of complex swarm robotics behaviors, providing novel solutions and discussions for future trends in the field. Local, situated, and embodied communication, as well as stigmergy, have a special role in laying the foundations of these algorithms.

The topics of interest of the special issue include, but are not limited to the following:

- Distributed communication
- Dynamic task allocation
- Aggregation
- Pattern formation
- Collective movement
- Division of labor
- Leadership paradigms
- Clustering
- Self-organization
- Cooperative control
- Distributed sensing
- Distributed action
- Distributed localization
- Object localization
- Swarm synchronization
- Fault tolerance

Álvaro Gutiérrez, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

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