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Hello ISAL community!

An upcoming course from us here the Santa Fe Institute that may be of interest:

• O R I G I N S o f L I F E •

10-week asynchronous course • begins May 18, 2020
led by Chris Kempes <> (Santa Fe Institute) and Sarah Maurer <> (Central Connecticut State University)

enroll here:

This course brings new and synthetic thinking to the question of how life emerged from an abiotic world. We examine the chemical, geological, physical, and biological principles that give us insight into the origins of life. We look at modern life we ask what it can tell us by winding the clock backwards. We explore which elements of modern life are essential for life and which are arbitrary? We ask how life arose from the huge chemical space and what this early 'living chemistry' may have looked like. We consider life-like phenomena that can arise solely from physical dynamics. We analyze what physical concepts and laws bound the possibilities for life and its formation. We apply modern evolutionary theory to proto-life and, further, consider how living systems impact the geosphere and evolve complexity.

Course Outline
1. Introduction
2. Chemical Origins
3. Chemical Commonalities
4. Early Life
5. Evolution
6. Astrobiology & General Theories of Life
7. Peer-Reviewed Assignment

This course is funded through Research Coordination Network (RCN) funded by a National Science Foundation grant (NSF Grant No. 1745355; PIs Krakauer, Kempes)

Please contact us at admin@... <mailto:admin@...> with questions.

Hope to see you there!

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