2020 Emerging Researchers in Artificial Life Workshop

Austin Ferguson

The Emerging Researchers in Artificial Life (ERA) is hosting a virtual workshop as part of the Artificial Life 2020 conference!
The ERA is the official group for students, postdocs, and junior researchers in the International Society for Artificial Life. The main goals of the group are to allow junior researchers to interact with each other, develop professionally, and contribute to the broader artificial life community.

This year's workshop is aimed directly at those goals, with four main components:
- A quick information session about the group and its current business
- An invitation for the recipient of the ISAL Outstanding Student Paper Award to present their work
- Lightning talk slots for *your* research
- ALife-themed academic karaoke

Therefore we are requesting sign-ups for lightning talks and academic karaoke!
Full details can be found here:

We hope to hear from you!
If you still have questions, please email us at lalejini@... !

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