Emergence workshop -- Call for Abstracts

Susan Stepney


Second International TRANSIT workshop on Cross-disciplinary Research
27-28 March 2019, Ron Cooke Hub, University of York, Heslington, YO10 5GE UK

Keynote speakers:

Professor Yasmin Merali, University of Hull

more TBC

The Second International TRANSIT workshop on Cross-disciplinary Research
(TWCR 2019) will be held in York, UK, 27-28 March 2019. It is hosted by
the York Cross-disciplinary Centre for Systems Analysis and the University
of York.

Emergence is a term used to describe system-level collective properties and
behaviours that cannot be reduced to specific properties of their
individual components. From Aristotle’s “the whole is something besides
the parts” to Anderson’s “More is different”, emergence captures the
existence of an overall unity separate from its constituents. Emergence is
a broad concept, occurring across systems comprising physical,
technological, neural, biological, or social components. From physics to
philosophy, from biology to art, from engineering to neuroscience, emergent
properties abound, yet there remains little agreement on a formal
definition of emergence, ways to analyse it, or ways to achieve it.

TWCR 2019 will explore the cross-disciplinary theme of Emergence, seeking
to bring together ideas, approaches, concepts, and perspectives from
natural biological systems and other physical systems, from engineered
physical and virtual systems, and from human social systems.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers from all these
connected fields, to engage across the disciplines, to inform of latest
findings, to transfer discoveries and concepts from one field to another,
and to inspire new ideas and new collaborations across the theme.

The TWCR programme committee invite you to submit a one page abstract (by
13 January 2019) in any area of emergence related to the call theme. A
collection of submissions covering the range of the theme will be selected
for presentation (by short talk, or by poster) at the workshop. Submission
is via the Easy Chair system

Programme Committee
Susan Stepney
Richard Bingham
Leo Caves
Pierre-Philippe Dechant
Dan Franks
Philip Garnett
Richard Law
Simon O’Keefe
Angelika Sebald
Reidun Twarock

See here
for details on the First International TRANSIT Workshop, Evolution,
Evolvability and Change held in April 2018

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