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Luis M. Rocha


Title: Research Scientist, Indiana University Network Science Institute (IUNI)

Position Summary
The Indiana University Network Science Institute (IUNI) seeks applicants for an Assistant Research Scientist position. This position will be appointed for a two-year term with the possibility of renewal based on exemplary performance, programmatic need, and continued funding of the position.

Scientific areas of particular interest include: (1) Analysis and modeling of networks, ideally using both analytical and computational tools; (2) Dynamical processes on networks, especially multilevel biomedical and social networks; (3) computational social science, where massive data from social media is analyzed to answer fundamental questions about individuals and society, with applications spanning from health to political science; (4) science of science, where large scholarly databases are built, analyzed, and modeled to explore topics such as the emergence of scientific fields, the diffusion of knowledge and expertise, the adoption of innovations, the definition of novelty, the prediction of scholarly and societal impact.

Basic Qualifications
The ideal candidate will have completed a PhD in physics, applied math, engineering, computer science or information science and have a strong background and experience in network science and data science. To employ theoretical, empirical, and mixed methods, the researcher will need both analytical/modeling skills and the technical capabilities to deal with big data.

For full details including application instructions see IU Jobs site,



Luis Mateus Rocha, Professor of Informatics and Cognitive Science

Director, NSF-NRT Interdisciplinary Training in Complex Networks and Systems

Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research

School of Informatics & Computing

Indiana University, 919 E. 10th St

Bloomington IN, 47408, USA



Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Oeiras, Portugal



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