FW: Job(s): Project Manager & Senior Dev, in Blockchain + Commons Research Project @Madrid

Alexandra Penn

Blockchain developer and project manager jobs with a great team on an exciting project trying to build genuine collaborative commons with real, beneficial societal impact

Please feel free to pass on to those that might be interested


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Date: Tuesday, 17 July 2018 at 18:46
Subject: [CRESS] Job(s): Project Manager & Senior Dev, in Blockchain + Commons Research Project @Madrid

Dear all,

I hope this e-mail finds all of you well! We are currently hiring a project manager and a blockchain developer at P2PModels, a 5 years research project I am currently working on. Could you please forward this to any person or list you think could be interested?

Thanks a lot,



We want to build a new type

of Collaborative

Economy organizations,

which are decentralized,

democratic and

economically sustainable.

Would you like to join us?


Models<http://p2pmodels.eu>, a 5-year

1.5€ research project, is


- a Project/Communication


- a Senior Blockchain Developer

They will join an interdisciplinary

team in Madrid, doing research & building tools with social impact


Tweet threads:



Working at P2P Models is

an opportunity to collaborate with people passionate to create social impact, in an environment which mixes academics, hackers, designers and activists. We do research on commons-oriented communities, and build blockchain-driven frameworks and tools to support

their sustainability.

More info:



· Funded by the largest EU

· individual research grant, the ERC, and the first to build blockchain infrastructure



· With Principal Investigator

· and advisors from Berkman Klein Center at Harvard University, such as Yochai Benkler or Primavera De Filippi



· Dynamic, young, interdisciplinary

· team with a horizontal and inclusive culture



· Combines social research

· + software tool building, focusing on social impact



· Attractive work conditions

· and perks, with multiple benefits


Feel free to write any question/doubt

to p2pmodels@...<mailto:p2pmodels@...>

including in the subject “Open position”. The positions are meant to start in Fall, so applicants are encouraged to submit asap.


Personal website [en|es]: https://davidrozas.cc

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