CFP special issue: Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines 20th anniversary 17 Oct 2018


Guest Editors:

Nicholas Freitag McPhee
University of Minnesota – Morris, USA

W. B. Langdon
University College London, UK

As Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines (GPEM) approaches its
20th year of publication, we aim to celebrate this anniversary with a
special issue that captures the state of a field that has clearly
demonstrated its power and significance, while still having major
opportunities and challenges going forward. Like the 10th anniversary
issue, we want this issue to help summarize where we are and how we
got here (e.g., through high quality review articles), indicate what
major challenges deserve our attention, and present cutting edge
research with the potential to have a long-term impact on the field.

We are open to a broad range of submissions that in various ways help
us better understand the past, present, and future of the field and
GPEM. General article types might include:

* High quality review articles, either for the field, important
areas within the field, or the journal itself. These should be
more than effectively annotated bibliographies, providing insight
and analysis.

* Challenge, which could be specific types of applications or
problem domains that deserve attention, broader conceptual
challenges (e.g., modularity or human readability), or
methodological challenges (e.g., improvements in areas such as
benchmarking, analysis, or visualization). Challenges should
explain why progress on this challenge matters, and provide
meaningful ways to gauge progress or success

* Ground breaking new ideas that have the potential to significantly
change the focus of the field, as opposed to more incremental work.

See the GPEM blog for additional information:

All enquiries should be sent to Nic McPhee at gpem20th@....
Manuscripts should conform to the standard format stipulated in GPEM’s
Information for Authors. All submissions will be peer reviewed subject
to the standards of the journal.

Our submission deadline is 17 Oct 2018, and we hope to have initial
reviewing done by 14 Nov 2018. Resubmissions will be due 1 Dec 2018,
with final decisions made by 9 Jan 2019.

Miller, J. and Poli, R. 2010. "Editorial to tenth anniversary issue on
progress in genetic programming", Genetic Programming and Evolvable
Machines, 11:247-250.

Important dates:

Submission deadline: 17 Oct 2018
Initial reviews: 14 Nov 2018
Resubmissions: 1 Dec 2018
Final notifications: 9 Jan 2019

Looking forward to receiving some amazing work!

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